So long 2016

“It’s raining, it’s pouring” and it is also the end of 2016. Since it is the new year’s eve many of you surely have plans for 2017 countdown later tonight. It was once a tradition that my dad will take me to see the fireworks when I was little. Today, it will be just a relaxing day after a long day yesterday (will elaborate more later) and going for a swim later this evening – to those who follows me on Twitter and Instagram, knows what actually happened haa such an impromptu plan.

My 2016 is full of colourful memories. I was given the opportunity to travel to few countries alone and with company. The feeling of travelling alone to the UK earlier this year will be one of the most exciting moments I have ever had. Even though this is not my first time visiting but it is different when travelling alone than with your family. How I survived UK? I shall share it in another post, soon.

Then it was the Euro trip which is rather more exciting since there were few countries I visited was my first time. Visiting Amsterdam and Venice were the two places I treasured the most. Being someone who loves to travel, this year would be the year for me (please not be the only year, hee) and I am forever thankful for it.

Fast forward to the mid year onwards, it went all bumpy and hiccups along the way. Definitely it was not something to be proud of yet it helped me to improve myself and still am. Ramadan this year was one of the best Ramadan in my life. I felt it, that sweetness of the holy month (almost) throughout the month, Alhamdulillah. The indescribable feeling only I understand.

This year too, a significant lesson learned and so a rather huge deal decision, yet was made too. Even though it was a tough and emotional one but I really am relief about it. As I cannot pleased everyone in my life, I had to put myself first and had to be selfish on this one because I do too, matter. And this one thing was the right thing to do.

To witness my baby girl Mia Safya turned One too was a huge deal this year. She is the sweetheart to all of us (all of Pijot and Mimi’s friends) Mama Ain will pray that He will protect you and keep you safe and warm all the time. Make you a happy cheerful girl throughout your life, Amiin.

So what happened yesterday, was the reason I needed that swimming therapy today. I shall not disclosed anything due to the sensitivity of certain things but anyhow, all I can say is I never experienced such session with such statements from such high level of people whom most of Malaysian looked up to for the name. After it ended I went out speechless.

Things I learned in 2016:

You know how people only show what they want you to see/know about them (we all do that) and letting out TMI on social media, yes I see that, a lot. Like a lot. Their choice, but I agree to disagree at some point. I chose not to share my personal things too much nor to be too expressive on Twitter or Instagram because I shall keep ’em close to myself. “The less we reveal, the more people can wonder” and this too made me realised that only the genuine ones (friends esp) will know what is going on with your life without even to tell. Yes indeed as we grow older, it is not the amount of people you have that matters, it is the ones that been having your back and never left matters most.

To be selfish only when necessary. There is a fine line between being selfish and mean. Know the differents as you might hurt others if wrongly applied into your daily life.

People may hurt you when you least expect it. Be it anyone, strangers, friends, accuantainces, even relatives. I am not referring to anyone particular but my point is even they have hurt you (intentionally or not), just be it; but never let yourself suffer from it. Take it as a challenge to improve yourself and not to ever repeat the same mistakes again. It is not your fault for having good impression towards them, that is just life. You are not everyone’s cup of tea, but that is ok.

Not everyone appreciate time which is sad actually. Punctuality, why is it so difficult? I shall not explain more on this because it is one’s attitude. At least have some respect and courtesy to apologise when you are late. If cannot be punctual, be early.


I may not have fulfilled my personal goals this year but it is progressing and I do have a feeling that next year will be a better year for me, InsyaAllah. It has been a tiring and a roller-coaster ride year and yet there are things that made me smile too, so that is good enough ey?

To sum up everything in 2016, I would say it is such an eye-opener year. A year full of exciting experience, happy and sad tears. A year that surprised me with brutal facts. A year that I will remember that everything that happened, shall pass. Be it good or bad.

The life in this world is only a deceiving of enjoyment [57:20]

Lastly, thank you to each and everyone who were involved in my 2016 journey. You made my year an incridible one, for sure!

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words awaits another voice

So let’s make new stories, experience new things, and let’s pray for a better year ahead, InsyaAllah. Let’s welcome 2017 with a smile!



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