Pretty in Pleats

Pleat – noun a double or multiple fold in a garment or other item made of cloth, held by stitching the top or side. Pleats are categorized as pressed, that is, ironed or otherwise heat-set into a sharp crease, or unpressed, falling in soft rounded folds – Wikipedia

Pleated Pants
Pictures – Source: Google

So recently, I have been pants hunting for the past weeks since I no longer find wearing jeans comfortable enough in this sunny weather. Being a petite girl, I am lucky enough to find the pleated and culottes (especially) pants are still decent to wear it casual and formal eventho I wear hijab. Mostly because of my height. If you’re taller than 160cm and wears hijab you might find it uncomfortable wearing the pants hanging above your ankle. Or maybe somehow the culottes in Malaysia are a tad longer than the actual culottes, no?

These days most of the fashion style are somehow going back to the 80s and 70s days. We have the bell sleeves, peplum tops, pleated pants, wide leg pants, brocade material etc. This is when my mom will say “I used to wear that during my teenage days” or “Peplum top then, we used to call it ‘baju Saloma'” Well true tho what she said. I am not the type who will buy according to the intrend fashion (technically it’s going back in time) but rather I wear what I feel comfortable and will just mix and match every time.

It was in Langkawi where I bought my first pleated pants and since it was such a bargain I bought two colours and I fell in love with it instantly. You know how our country can get pretty hot most of the time? We need something breezy and comfy especially over the weekends – spending the whole day out with family/friends. I’m not saying Jeans is not comfortable, no but you know at times your leg too needs some breather. Jeans is still my favourite, combined with white top, classy! All time favourite!

Somehow the year end Sale was still on till end of January and it was then that I actually bought few culottes and pleated pants. The thing with me is, when buying clothes, pants or jeans especially, I must try it on so yeah I rarely buy them online. The best part during the shopping spree was all the shops that I went to, only S size were on sale. Woohoo! Blessed to be in such size. (Tho I am like the KLCC bridge when I’m with my friends especially the super tall ones) I’m not particular on any brands but the Zara culottes has the best design and material and it’s pastel colour. Bonus!

The other thing when wearing these kind of pants, you can cheat your weight and figure. For someone who is petite, I don’t look too skinny in it. Another reason to stock up more! haha. So yea, it’s always nice to wear something you feel comfortable and look good in it.

Posted on my igstory of the recent pleated pants I bought and mmm I bought 3 of it in different colours.The best part of these 3 is the material, you can’t see the panty lines tho it’s in pastel colours. Heehee. Nope not online, and again it was a great deal. Remember I told you how struggle it is to be an accountant and a girl at the same time? So yeah, need to be smart in shopping too. Must know where to shop, when to shop. (But, I may need to buy matching tops for the new pants)

To the designer who first designed pleated pants and culotte pants, thanks a bunch for such invention. You’ve made this one petite girl truly happy and excited to wear hers soon.


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