Kitty Cat, meowww

 This is for my dear friend, S. 

Those who know me (well enough) can guess what is this about immidiately just by reading the title. Cats, Rabbits, Dog, Hamsters and any kind of animals that has 4 legs creeps me out. Yes, I am scared of them since small and that has not changed ever since even though there is Neelo the cat inside the house. It used to be 3 cats but two died.

When I was small, at Tok Ayah’s house there were hmm more than five cats and none of it made friends with me or maybe I refused to (not that I remember) but I remember running away avoiding them. RMAs mostly are animal lovers especially cats but I did not inherit that part. Not that I hate them tho.

So back to my friend, S. For as long as I had known her since school days, she was never comfortable with cats. We have that in common. The only different was I have two fat cats at home, then. How did I survived with Tiggy and Cheetah was hmm like I always did, will avoid them whenever they come near me. Penat, I tell you! My cats never, I repeat never entered my room and I will make sure the door is closed whenever I am having a nap.

So S got married and her husband is a cat lover. Recently he surprised her with a kitten, Arrow. Wow, amazing! The only thing, S is not afraid of cats just she is not used to it. Arrow is still at his active stage and she is now slowly adapting with him and she even can hold him, another wow! When she first told me about it my first question was “how am I going to visit you at home? Scared la” “Hehe can, I’ll put him inside the cage”

Today, I accompanied her to buy Arrow’s biscuits and wet food and toys. Seeing her all smiling choosing stuff for her kitten is a different kind of view. (her igstories nowadays are mostly about Arrow, haha cute) She went all excited seeing all kinds of toys, cushions and food. So proud of her for conquering her fears and I am still scared of Neelo at home.

No doubt that animals are such cuties, even whenever I go to a pet shop seeing those puppies, kittens and rabbits, aaa adorable. But thats it, you guys are cute and fluffy but don’t come near me please. To be honest if you dare me to hold a cat or  bungy jumping and I shall go for the latter, willingly haha.

The day Cheetah (the fattest) died, it hit me and I actually cried maybe of all the three, he knew I was not keen of them and yet never bullied when I eat, watching tv and resting. And the fact he was the most manja. So that was the only time I felt attached to a cat.

See people, I do have a soft spot for animals but the fact that I am still scared of them, that, have not changed. (Ish so many ‘scared’ in a post, but that is the truth, can’t help it)

Hello world, my friend S is now a cat lover too! All the best S of taking care of Arrow but I know you will be a great mommy to him and like you said, its like a training too before having a real baby.