About three years ago, I volunteered along with my two good friends to join a charity organised by BNMFC. It was during the fasting month and the activities were a carboot sale whereby the money collected were donated to Gaza and the orphanage we have chosen and a day at the Pertubuhan Ukhwah Anak-Anak Yatim Miskin Sabak Bernam. It was my first time to be involved in such activities and I’m glad to be part of it till today.

Alhamdulillah we managed to collect such huge amount from the carboot sale and donation, to be honest we didn’t expect it to be that much. Anyhow, when we arrived at the orphanage, the kids there were very reserved people -to see such amount of strangers coming to the school. We did carpool so there were almost 20 of us. It took awhile to get to know the boys and girls during the ice-breaking session. Most of us, the volunteers are fortunate to still have our parents and to witness them at such age experiencing such loss, it was overwhelming. We then formed a group of 10 kids with 2 volunteers.

During the session, I myself had the chance to share my stories with them, vice versa. The kids were around 9 to 16 years old. So there was this one activity whereby they need to express themselves through a collage of pictures found from magazines. They gathered pictures of their favourite things or ambition to form a story. One of the girl, cut a picture of the Eiffel Tower and said this to me “Kakak Ain, nanti dah besar Tira nak sangat pergi sini tapi mahal kan?” (I really want to visit Paris when I grow up but I’m sure it’s expensive) Another boy had a picture of a police car and said “Saya nak jadi polis macam arwah ayah sebab dia hero saya” (I want to be a policeman just like my dad. He was my hero) To listen to that from such innocent kids almost made me cry but I kept it inside and said things that encourage them instead. It wasn’t easy at first to adapt with them, there were some rebellious ones but we the volunteers had to be extra patient and understanding too and also show positive attitude even in handling the impossible ones.

The last activity before breaking fast was writing a Sugargram. It was one of the guys of BNMFC idea. A Sugargram is actually writing an appreciation note to someone. I did gave to all 10 kids of mine and to my surprise I did receive from all of them too but the one that really touched my heart was from the rebel boy. Reading his got me to know why he was behaving that way and his words were really beautiful. I may not remember their names now but the things that we, volunteers learned from the visit was something valuable. I guess writing a Sugargram should be a habit to us to show some love and appreciation to the people we care. It may be called a Sugargram but you don’t need to sugarcoated things in writing it tho. 

We ended the visit with breaking fast and Maghrib prayer together. If I have the chance to be involved in such activities, I would be happy to do it again. During the visit to the orphanage we came from different backgrounds but as one family and to experience their lifestyle even for a day truly opened up our eyes of how fortunate we are to have a complete family and a home. This experience was surely something I keep close to heart. Oh did I tell you my team won first place? Yup we did!