so, who’s your friend?

Randomly going through my VSCO journal and stumbled upon a post. A personal post which make me realised (again) not everything is permanent. As much as good things can happen unexpectedly, the opposite too can occur in your life in a blink of an eye.

So I shared this:

Silent. Complete silence. Sat next to one another but nothing came out. Not a single word. Tried but still, awkward.

People do noticed it too and asked. Luckily it was a large crowd so I tried act casually as natural as I can and oh boy never in my life I played with my phone fo so long, in fact too long.

Wow, what a broken friendship can do.

And sadly it remained that way and truth be told I let it be and just let it go.

What happened two weeks ago was beyond my imagination, really. I never expected it to happened especially after 2 solid years. This time around was with my former classmate/roommate/partner in crime/life saviour (haha) etc. So we bumped into each other during lunch time in KL. Of all the place and time, and to my surprise I wasn’t as excited as I thought I would.

As much as I had missed this person, but when someone suddenly disappear for no reason tho we used to be that close, time changes things. So they say time heal but again along the two years I realised who is worth to be missed BUT I chose not to simply ditch or ignore this one just like that.

When things like this happen, you will recall back and choose who you want in life. I have few who I kept close to heart. If I do make time for you, shows that you mean something. Be it just a text, a call, a quick catch up or maybe a whole day or anything that involves me spending my time with that person.

What I learned is not too hope for a lasting of anything because it will pass and how sad can it get when you used to share almost eveything to your friend then, but now you refused to do so. Of course lah rasa sedih. At the end of the day, we grow and we learned so might as well try to appreciate every single moment.

But hey, it’s all back to priorities and not everyone is our/their cup of tea, aite?