Ramadan routine 2017

Last Ramadan, I came across the Save Yourself series by Mufti Menk. If you had read my post, So long 2016 you will know the struggle I’ve encountered during some of the months last year. I wasn’t aware of Syeikh’s special Ramadan lectures on Youtube but it was that one day while baking Raya cookies that I randomly searched his name and the Save Yourself link was on the top list.

Listening to Save Yourself 2016 actually somehow someway helped me to go through the uncomfortable feelings that I had at that time. One of the Ustaz said “If Allah did not grant your dua but He gives you a peaceful heart in return, that is more than enough” and that’s what made me reflect how a peaceful heart can change your day/ your thoughts/ and almost everything as how I had felt that moment.

This year, the Save Yourself Ramadan 2017 continues and I have a special notebook for it this time. Even though it is just a 30 mins lecture but it is beneficial to us, InsyaAllah. Syeikh will quote from the Quran, Prophet’s hadith and other scholar’s hadiths and also the Seerah in his lecturer. To me this is indeed a learning process to enchance my knowledge.

In today’s lecture Syeikh did mention “Do not love your time more than you love Allah”

There is a hadith saying ” During the Judgement day, the way you read the Quran will be the same as while you were in dunya” so do not rush in reciting the Quran nor while praying Tarawikh. He mentioned that Tarawikh is not a race. It’s the quality of your salah that Allah cares.

If you have some spare time, please do visit Muslim Central – Mufti Menk for his lecturers and others too, like my favourite, Nouman Ali Khan and Yahya Al-Ibrahim. To those who wants to have a read on my notes on Mufti Menk’s Save Yourself series, do let me know, I will be happy to share.

Alhamdulillah this year I will be spending most of the weeks of Ramadan at home and be able to perform Tarawikh at the mosque since I took leaves for my exam.  When the first time I sat for ACCA exam during the fasting month, I did have the thought of difficulties doing a professional exam whilst fasting but Allah is great. He made ease for me and trust me I did not felt thirsty nor hungry during that 3hours period.

Ramadan Kareem to all and Selamat beribadah

“Whatever you spend in goodness, we will definitely compensate back in full and you will not be oppressed” [Quran]